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Hanne Bang's NEGLELIM (nail glue) is a extra strong nail glue that effectively repairs split or chipped nails.


If a nail is split apply one drop of glue to the place where the nail is split. The glue will work its way into the layers of the nail and replace the natural glue that normally keeps the layers together making the nail look strong and perfect again. 


If a nail is chipped apply one drop of nail glue to the broken part of the nail and the glue will quickly repair the nail, making it strong again. 

Price 39,50 DKK




Hanne Bang NAIL REPAIR are small patches made from the same strong material as artificial nails. With "Nail Repair" you can repair a split nail by placing a patch on the split part of the nail. This will repair the nail and keep it strong.


A kit contains 10 pcs. of "Nail Repair" and a glue.

Price: 89,00 DKK



Hanne Bang NO RIDGE TIPS is placed so that it only covers the tip of your nail. This will (unlike other artificial nails that cover the entire nail) give your own nail the opportunity to grow in a natural and healthy way without being damaged by the nail tip.


"No Ridge Tips" can be treated like your own nails. It can be shaped in your prefered shape and nail polish and regular nail polish remover can be used on it.


"No Ridge Tips" looks very natural and are meant to stay on your nails until they have the lenght you prefer.


"No Ridge Tips" are very easy to use:
A drop of glue is applied to the tip of your own nail. A tip from the No Ridge Tips kit is placed on your own nail and the zig-zag line is evened out with a nail file so the line between your nail and the tip becomes smooth and invisible.


A kit contains 24 pcs. "No Ridge Tips" and glue.

Price: 129,00 DKK



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