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hbc4men HAIR REMOVER CREAM is a specially formulated hair remover cream for men. The cream, which is used while taking a shower, contains pulverized natural seed shells, making the removal of unwanted hair easy and very effective.


The cream is very easy to use:

Apply the cream in an even layer, covering the hairs thoroughly. Leave the cream to work for 4-8 minutes and rinse it off in the shower, massaging the cream off with a circular motion. Quick and easy!


Price: 95,00 DKK





hbc4men HAIR REMOVER WAX is a salon style cold wax treatment for use at home - either on your own or with help from someone else.

The hair remover wax can be used on the back, cheat, legs, and arms and leaves your skin free of hair for weeks.


The wax is very easy to use: Heat the double strip between your hands for a few seconds and separate the two strips. Apply one of the strips to the hair growth, keep the skin taut and pull the strip off again removing any unwanted hair.

Apply the enclosed Azulen Oil to the treated area to cool and moisturize the skin leaving it soft and smooth. 


Price: 98,00 DKK




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