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Hanne Bang STRIP WAX is a salon style cold wax treatment in an easy-to-use form for use at home.

The “Strip Wax” pre-coated strips remove unwanted hair in seconds without leaving any sticky residue.

It is the most convenient and simple way to remove unwanted hair for up to 4 to 6 hair-free weeks. 

"Strip Wax" is very easy to use: 

Apply a strip to the skin, following the direction of the hair growth. Keep the skin taut by holding the back of your leg and pull off the strip against the direction of the hair growth.

After waxing apply the enclosed “Post Depilatory Gel” to soothe and moisturize the treated area, leaving the skin soft and smooth

Price: 98,00 DKK



FACIAL STRIP WAX is small and practical strips specially made for facial hair removal.

Price: 69,00 DKK


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