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Hanne Bang HAIR REMOVER CREAM is a specially formulated cream for removing unwanted hair on

the body leaving the skin smooth and free of hair

for 1-2 weeks.


The cream is used in connection with taking a shower. It contains pulverized natural seed shells, making the hair removal easy and very effective.


The cream is very easy to use: Apply apply the cream, covering the hairs thoroughly and evenly. 

Leave the cream to work for 4-8 minutes and rinse it off in the shower, massaging the cream off with a circular motion.

Apply the enclosed “Post Depilatory Gel” to cool and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.  



Hanne Bang's Hair Removal Cream comes in three different sizes:


"Hair Removal Cream" Body & Bikini    Price: 89,00 DKK

"Hair Removal Cream" Face                   Price: 75,00 DKK



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