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Hanne Bang Cosmetics ”Brynfarve” 


Eyebrow dye kit




1. Clean the eyebrows with a non-oily make-up remover so the brows are left completely clean and dry.


2. Squeeze 1 cm of dye and 1 cm of “Oxidper” cream into the mixing cup and mix them together with the applicator stick.


3. Using the applicator stick or the brush (or a cotton bud) apply the mixture to the brows. Only a thin layer is necessary for dyeing. Avoid touching the surrounding skin. If you do so, remove the dye right away with a tissue or a cotton bud.


4. Leave the mixture on for appr. 3-5 minutes depending on how dark you prefer your eyebrows.


5. Using a slightly dampened cotton pad, remove as much mixture as possible from the brows. Finish with a dry cotton pad until all mixture is removed from the eyebrows.


6. Rinse the eyebrow brush and clean the applicator stick and mixing cup using a cotton pad or a tissue.


7. Apply the nurturing “Balsam” to the eyebrows 24 hours after dying the brows.



Allergy test:

Without giving any guarantees, an allergy test can indicate if you should be allergic to this product. Perform the following allergy test 48 hours prior to every treatment: Prepare a small amount of eyebrow dye by mixing equal amounts of dye cream and “Oxidper” cream. Apply some of this mixture to the inside of the elbow and leave the mixture on the skin uncovered for 48 hours. If during these 48 hours the skin feels burned, is swollen, or feels irritated in any other way this could be an indication of allergy and the product should not be used.    



This product should not be used if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction caused by a similar product or by any other cosmetic product. Also, the products should not be used if your eyes are irritated or if the skin surrounding your eyes is damaged. Do not use the product on eyebrows which have been plucked within the last three days.

If during the dyeing process the skin feels burned, is swollen, or feels irritated in any other way, the mixture should be removed immediately and the skin should be rinsed thoroughly.  

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