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Hanne Bang Cosmetics ”Vippefarve” 


Eyelash dye kit




Always do a skin test prior to each treatment. See section “Skin test”.


Instructions for use:

The colouring of eyelashes is a two-step process:

Step 1: Application of “CreamColour Gel”, Tube no. 1

Step 2: Application of “Activator Gel”, Tube no. 2


1. Clean the eyelashes with a non-oily cleanser so any natural oils or residues of make-up will be completely removed. This should be done even if you are not wearing make-up. Then dry the lashes thoroughly so they are left completely clean and dry. If you are wearing contact lenses these must be removed before the dyeing.

2. Apply skin cream to the underneath of one of the enclosed Eye Protection Papers. Place it on the skin below the bottom lashes to ensure that no tint can touch the skin. Also apply skin cream onto the eyelid from the upper lashes and right up to the eyebrows. The cream will act as a protective layer so if gel should get on the skin the cream will keep it from tinting the skin. Make sure not to get cream on the lashes since this will negatively affect the tinting result.

3. Step 1: Application of “CreamColour Gel”

Squeeze 1 cm of “CreamColour Gel” (tube no. 1) into mixing dish no. 1.

4. Use the lash brush to apply the gel like mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes until they are completely covered in tint.

5. Leave the gel on the lashes for 3 minutes.

6. Remove excess tint with a dry cotton pad while making sure that the eye protection paper is not moved. Take care not to get tinting gel onto the skin. If tint touches the skin remove immediately with a damp cotton bud.

7. Step 2: Application of “Activator Gel”.

Squeeze 1 cm of “Activator Gel” (Tube no. 2) into mixing dish no. 2.

8. Carefully apply the gel with the white application stick on the upper and lower lashes until these are completely covered. 

9. Leave the gel on the lashes for 1 minute.

10. Remove excess tint with a dry cotton pad. Remove the eye protection papers and clean the lashes with a damp cotton pad.

11. Clean the lash brush, the application stick, and the mixing bowls using either a dry or a damp tissue/cotton pad.


Skin test

Always do a skin test prior to each treatment. A skin test can – although not always being a guarantee – be a help to see whether you are allergic to this product. 48-72 hours prior to each treatment you should perform the following skin test:  Apply a small amount of Gel no. 1 and Gel no. 2 next to each other on the inner side of your elbow or behind your ear. Let the gels dry and leave them on your skin uncovered for 48-72 hours. Then remove the gels and thoroughly clean the skin. If signs of skin irritation should occur within 48-72 hours, you must not use the product.  


Warning: The tube with activator gel contains silver nitrate. Should the product get into your eyes rinse these immediately. Perform a sensitivity test 48-72 hours before treatment. See the description of the test in the instructions inside the packaging. Keep out of reach of children.

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