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BRYNFARVE / eyebrow dye kit

Hanne Bang's BRYNFARVE makes it easy for you to dye your eyebrows at home. 


The kit consists of a tube with colour and a bottle with cream, a mixing dish, and a special applicator. 

Colour from the tube is mixed with cream from the bottle and the mixture is applied to the brows using the applicator. After 5 minutes any excess colour is removed and the treatment is complete.

Click here to read the full instructions.


The kit also contains a special balm that nurtures the eyebrows after being dyed. The balm can also be used to keep the brows in place and to keep them healthy and strong.

Brynfarve samlet.png

A kit contains enough colour for 20 treatments.

Comes in black, brownblack and brown.

Price:  129,00 DKK




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